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Talking forward, about us

My Approach

Talking forward helps people to have better relationships with others by connecting with themselves.


If children are involved, we strive to work in their best interests.

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Please let me know if you would prefer to have these services remotely  as opposed to face to face.  


We can help your organisation to build stronger, more connected, more sustainable and happier  teams. 

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Rose is an FDRP,  Family Mediator, Therapist and Psychoanalyst in formation (with the Lacanian School, Paris) with previous experience as a lawyer and Law Lecturer (university). 


  • Australian National Accredited Mediator, NMAS mediation accrediation,Australian FDRP

  • Commercial and Civil Mediator (London School of Mediation).Member of Resolution Institute

  • Professional Member Australian Association of Family Therapy

  • Experience as registrar and mediator in Government (Department of Justice, Magistrates Court) and Non- Government organisations (Relationships Australia and Anglicare)

  • Family/Relationships Therapist (Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling)

  • Australian and English Lawyer (currently not practising).

  • RMIT- University Law Lecturer – (Australian) Company, Contracts & Torts, and Business Law.

Having worked and lieved in different countries within Europe and also in Africa, Asia and Oceania (Australia), I welcome and value differences and have a unique understanding of the particular challenges experienced by multi-cultural families and couples.  

For more information about me, please see Linkedin below. For more information about services in Spanish, see link below.

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